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The power of integrated maintenance and safety processes

Integrating the maintenance and safety processes in one system is important for Arteco for multiple reasons, Arne Laurijssen explains. He is the Environmental Health and Safety Manager at the joint venture of Total Belgium and Chevron. “System integration helps us realise operational excellence.”


Ultimo EAM at Arteco Total: Collaboration for the best result

In the factory in Schoten (B), Arteco Total produces coolants for engines. Arteco mixes base fluids, different additives and demineralised water into the desired coolant. The buyers, located all around the globe, receive these fluids in a highly concentrated form. In the end, Arteco mixes these fluids into the end product. The factory in Schoten does make the end product for the European market. In general, Arteco mainly sells to the automotive industry.

Laurijssen: “Arteco is a small company that has to meet the highest industry standards. Our customers set high-quality demands and there is no room for any deviations. For this reason, an integrated management system gives us the necessary guarantees. It helps us realise operational excellence, guarantee the continuity of our business and translate our company values into hard facts.”

All actions resulting from the different systems Arteco uses come together in the integrated Ultimo Enterprise Asset Management software. “This makes it very easy to follow up actions and link their deadline directly to an employee. In addition to that, it also makes it easier to make performance reports.”

Challenges Arteco Total Belgium experienced:

  • Integrating maintenance and safety processes in one system.
  • Minimising errors with an integrated way of working.

Results with Ultimo EAM at Arteco Total:

  • Improved collaboration and communication.
  • Increased efficiency.
  • Operational excellence.
“The great thing is: everyone works in the same environment without interfering with each other’s work.”
Arne Laurijssen
Arteco Total Belgium

Bristol Port Company
  • A future-proofed, integrated & centralized EAM system
  • More efficient and effective Permits to Work, focused on increased safety
  • Better visualization of (non-)hazardous work
  • Complete control over the data collected, enabling better business decisions
  • Ability to customize and configure Ultimo following continuous improvement initiatives
ABZ Diervoeding
  • Centralizes all data
  • Automated reporting
  • Optimizing collaboration
    between departments
  • High degree of flexibility
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