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Agristo regains control with Ultimo EAM software

Specialising in own-label brands, Agristo has been manufactu­ring frozen potato products, such as traditional Belgian fries, for the global market since 1986. However, as the capacity grew, so did the maintenance requirements.


Ultimo at Agristo: revolutionising maintenance operation

It became clear that the company had grown too big to stay in control of maintenance across all sites, which turned into operational inefficiency. The same problem could occur at each location, but each facility resolved it differently. Keeping or sharing technical knowledge within the company was difficult. To overcome this problem, Agristo implemented an Enterprise Asset Manage­ment (EAM) system to control the maintenance process. After letting the maintenance and production teams compare and rate several companies, it became clear that Ultimo offered all the required features.

The primary purpose of the new system was to implement structure into the maintenance operation. Before, there was a minimal digital log of all maintenance requests and jobs carried out. This minimal digital log made it a challenge to analyse the amount of work carried out, manage stock of parts, and stay on top of the condition of the equipment.

“Before, many jobs were initiated by someone grabbing the maintenance manager by the shirt, saying that something needed fixing. If, by the end of the day, you felt tired and your clothes covered in grease, then you knew you had done a good job. But that’s not productive. If you fix the same problem each day, you are not developing or increasing uptime and hands-on tool time. This is where Ultimo at Agristo has been a game-changer, helping us change the whole mentality regarding maintenance.”

Results obtained by Agristo:

  • 5% increase in uptime.
  • One simple-to-use EAM system across all sites.
  • A clear set of data to use to benchmark progress.
  • A solution Agristo can easily change to its needs.
'Ultimo has been a game-changer, helping us change the whole mentality when it comes to maintenance.’
Steven Volckaert

Ultimo bij de NS: het beheer vereenvoudigen met Ultimo in de Cloud
Nederlandse Spoorwegen
  • Positive business case
  • Architecture vision NS: Cloud
  • Always up to date (cyber security + usability)
  • Simplify management stack
  • Relatively easy migration (no new product, only an upgrade)
  • Positive experiences. Both the high performance and the fact that users can constantly benefit from the latest features are of great added value.
  • Digitising maintenance management.
  • Mobile working – on the tablet and at the machine.
  • Better data about maintenance and repairs – and thus optimising the availability of the equipment.
  • ISO- and IFS-compliant documentation.
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