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Recticel Insulation: from thirty applications to one CMMS.

Replace thirty software applications with one CMMS. It looks practically impossible. And yet Recticel Insulation in Wevelgem, Belgium did it. What’s more: after only one year the CMMS had become indispensable for the maintenance department. Not only are all maintenance processes registered in the system but it also plays its part in safety management.

International roll-out of Ultimo

Previously Recticel used many Access and Excel files to manage its maintenance processes. To understand these processes better and deal with maintenance more efficiently Rectical decided to start using a professional CMMS. They chose Ultimo. This software offers classical functionalities like work orders, preventive maintenance and equipment management. But as Recticel also uses it for safety management: environmental incidents are also recorded.

Because the application was so successful for the Belgian site, Recticel has rolled out the Maintenance Management Software module in their sites in France and the UK as well.

Results achieved by Recticel:

  • Integration Maintenance & Safety achieved with improved communication.
  • Complying with Seveso II directives to avoid accidents with hazardous substances.
  • Much better grip on maintenance and easier reporting.


The software was not only expected to offer a full solution for Maintenance and Safety but also to help generating ‘Commissioning files’. In Belgium companies have to write Commissioning reports before each piece of equipment is commissioned, including all checks and their findings. It is vital that the registration and timely execution of such a report is correct. Registration is easy in Ultimo.

Recticel participated in a client panel and they contributed to the module’s development.

“Crucial in our choice were the software's flexibility, its user-friendliness, the opportunities for reporting, and the fact that all uses had to be possible within one central application.”
Piet Gabriel
Reticel Insulation

ABZ Diervoeding
  • Centralizes all data
  • Automated reporting
  • Optimizing collaboration
    between departments
  • High degree of flexibility
HSE incidentenbeheer Martini Ziekenhuis
Martini Hospital
  • Work done by external parties is more efficient 
  • Uniform working processes 
  • Working on the go with the app Ultimo Go makes life more easy 
  • Working as a real team with the software, as team Martini 
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