As a company that delivers software, we don’t often get much chance to talk about why we do what we do, because the focus is often on what we deliver. So here, today, we’re giving you some insight into what makes us tick, and why we really care about the work we do and the businesses we help.

We won’t make a habit of talking about ourselves, normally we like to focus on the businesses that we help, and the emerging tech and processes we develop and see throughout the industry. But aren’t you just a little curious as to how this all started?

Not Just The Same Old Story

When it comes to software companies, there aren’t too many that have been around as long as we have. Starting at the back end of the 80s, we’ve been helping our customers for over thirty years – and we’ve continued to grow year after year, decade after decade. That’s quite a rarity in software, and we believe it’s a huge part of why our solutions make such a difference because they’re all founded on an unrivaled depth of experience.

Back when we started, the purpose was to help customers organize their maintenance automatically with CMMS software. Originally they had paper files, and they couldn’t get an overview of anything to do with their assets, certainly not anywhere close to real-time. Slowly but surely, we’ve built one of the leading EAM (Enterprise Asset Management) platforms on the market – and we’re still helping businesses get an overview, improve uptime, prevent accidents, and reduce costs. It’s a resume we’re pretty proud of.

Almost every business we work with has tried some form of asset management themselves – with varying levels of success. In its most basic form, there are processes that companies have built purely around Excel, while organizations with more money to invest sometimes try to develop their own systems in-house. The problem is asset management isn’t their specialty and so it’s rarely sustainable or scalable. Enterprise Asset Management is what we know best.

Connected Teams Make All The Difference

Whether it’s manufacturing, chemical production, food processing, logistics, or healthcare – all these businesses face similar top-level challenges when it comes to their assets. They need to maximize production time and minimize production costs. A big part of that is how they manage their assets. Another important factor is how they manage the knowledge of their processes, and how easily accessible this knowledge is throughout the business.

The factory of the future is enabled by the effective collaboration between Maintenance, Safety, and Production teams. Powerful but still user-friendly EAM software is crucial for facilitating this, providing teams with a holistic view of operations and a single source of critical information.

By offering fully integrated processes in Shift Handover, Work Order Management, Autonomous Maintenance, Work Permits, Lockout-Tagout, Downtime Analysis, and HSE Incident Management, Ultimo’s EAM cloud platform helps you maximize uptime, minimize administrative tasks, and build a safer place to work.

Ultimo helps you make better-informed decisions, optimize your resources, and do more with less – it really is the tool for you.

Want to get the most from your assets? Speak to Ultimo today. 

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