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Uganda is one of the poorest countries in the world. The country has a population of approximately 40 million, 38 percent of which lives below the poverty line. 62 percent of the population younger than 15 can read and write. 48 percent of the population is younger than 15. All of these young people will be looking for jobs. Vocational education in Uganda offers young people insufficient opportunities to learn professional skills. The schools are lacking properly trained teachers, properly set-up classrooms and materials to train with. Gered Gereedschap has started the EQUIP Jinja programme in the Jinja region in Uganda to increase the job opportunities for underprivileged young people so they can escape poverty by earning a wage above the poverty line. They have entered into a collaboration with 16 other organisations: trade schools, community-based organisations and entrepreneurs with the purpose of strengthening vocational education and improving access to the job market.

Ultimo supports the project with Pioneer Technical Institute

The Pioneer school for vocational education is one of the schools from the network in the Jinja region. It is located in Iganga, which is in the east of Uganda and is one of the poorest regions of the country. Pioneer focuses on underprivileged youth with their mission: To empower the youth to succeed in the world of work. They offer vocational training for young people of 15 and older from the region, including illiterate and disabled people. To reach even the most vulnerable among them, Pioneer offers three levels of vocational training. The easiest of these levels consists of short courses. The big problem, however, is that the school hardly has any tools and machines, which means the training is now purely theoretical. But to properly teach the eight vocational courses they offer, practical education is vital. In addition to the lack of machines and tools, the teachers also have little technical knowledge required to teach the practical part of the training. In the coming years, Ultimo will be supporting the project with the Pioneer Technical Institute through Gered Gereedschap to change this.

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