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Leading Supplier to the EAM market

“We are thrilled to be recognised as a Leading Supplier to the EAM market by ARC Advisory Group,” says Ewout Noordermeer, Chief Marketing Officer, Ultimo. “We see this inclusion as a testament to our technology and the positive impact it has on our customers’ operations. It is a great milestone for us as we continue to expand our operation in Europe and the US.”

Drive innovation across industries

The research explores how EAM systems drive innovation across industries, enabling customers to gain greater insight into key areas of operation such as lifecycle and asset performance management and move towards more advanced maintenance models. As the systems become increasingly intelligent and interconnected, they facilitate easier information-sharing with adjacent systems, making them essential repositories for enterprise asset data.

The report also provides information about market shares of Ultimo and other leading EAM providers, discussing key market trends, including SaaS and Cloud adoption, interest in mobile solutions, awareness of advanced EAM solutions and adoption of asset management standards.

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