Innovative applications

Evresys offers a modern cloud platform that collects data about the location and status of people and assets. This saves companies time and money, and help them increase the level of control. Innovative applications like Track & Trace, Geofencing and Lone Worker Protection help simplify asset management and optimize safety in the industrial sector. Enterprise Asset Management software vendor Ultimo helps technical services maximize the availability of assets and increase labour productivity. The integration of these platforms provides a total solution.

Boost in productivity

Dennis Henkes, Sales Director at Evresys: “With this partnership users no longer have to keep switching between different systems. Ultimo shows the current location of an asset directly on the asset page. And users logged into Evresys can find information saved in Ultimo there, such as a maintenance date. Evresys can also automatically create tickets in Ultimo, for example when our Lone Worker Protection app registers an incident or to report maintenance for a specific asset. This gives users a lot more insight and gives the productivity an enormous boost.”

Patrick Beekman, Partner Solution Manager at Ultimo about the partnership: “Because Evresys operates in the same markets as Ultimo, we see a lot of added value in joining forces. With our unique Health, Safety & Environment (HSE) module, we contribute to a safe working environment for our customers. We see this partnership as further broadening this service. Major asset management challenges for our customers in industry and health care are loss of time because of equipment getting lost and creating a safe working environment. By linking the Evresys solutions, like Track & Trace and Geofencing, with Ultimo, we make these features available and easier for our customers.”

About Evresys

Whether it’s people or goods, with the Evresys RTLS you always know exactly where they are. With a wide range of automated features, Evresys RTLS saves you work while giving you the security of being in control. Because of its easy setup, implementation and integration, Evresys offers a complete, reliable and affordable RTLS platform for multiple industries.

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