Simple, effective and efficient

WorkBubble is perfectly complementary to Ultimo’s already existing processes. It is a very simple app that focuses on the occupancy in the office. With WorkBubble you can control the maximum number of employees in the office, on a floor or in a department very easily. Employees can reserve a place in the office for a specific time themselves. WorkBubble also offers a whole range of other functionalities, such as an overview of the presence of colleagues, reservations of external visitors or group reservations for projects for example, reservations for a spot in the canteen, checking in employees with a reception desk feature, insight into minimal presence of certain positions like ERP and the board, and insight into the occupancy rate of offices in both the past and the future. Management of WorkBubble is minimal, because it does not require any set-up and management of floor plans, and users can register themselves.

Proven solution

WorkBubble has proven itself as the solution for the safe reopening of our offices. As your strategic partner, we feel it is important for us to help our customers with this issue as well. Which is why we can offer our customers a 15% discount on WorkBubble.

More information

If you would like to know more about the possibilities of WorkBubble, then go to the website and request a demo environment. Enter the text UltimoDiscount in the remarks field to use the discount.

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