Because of new technologies, devices can be connected to the Internet much easier. Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or 4G are no longer necessary. Neither are Wi-Fi codes and mobile data plans. This technology is called LoRaWAN. The LoRa network is extremely suitable for IoT because of its low energy consumption, range and stability. The more LoRa antennas, the bigger the LoRaWAN network. The LoRa antenna on the roof of Ultimo provides coverage for a few kilometres around the building.

Infinite possibilities with Ultimo and IoT

A large, open and free IoT network is interesting for user of the Ultimo software. The possibilities of the software combined with IoT are endless! Think of integrating Ultimo with a coffee machine for example. All activities of the machine are registered, and Ultimo sends a report to the user when maintenance or cleaning are required. The same principle can be applied to a photocopier, a printer, a revolving door, a lift, etc. Sensors on industrial equipment, too, can provide Ultimo with crucial information such as vibrations and temperatures. If anything unusual occurs, Ultimo alerts the user, making sure they are never too late.

Collaboration with BuzzerBase

Placing the LoRa antenna is part of the collaboration with BuzzerBase. The collaboration between Ultimo and BuzzerBase started this year. Together, we realise IoT solutions for Ultimo users. If you want more information on the possibilities of IoT and the Ultimo software, please contact us.

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