Standard Ultimo Software: Easily Adjustable to Business Processes

The right software that is tailored to fit a company’s needs and wishes can make all the difference in strategically shaping the maintenance of ageing industrial assets. Ultimo Software Solutions offers exactly this; a powerful maintenance management system that provides the user with tools for effective working. With Ultimo’s Enterprise Asset Management software, organisations can retain the overview that enables them to not only stay on track with maintenance works, but also to maintain grip on maintenance costs. Starting off in The Netherlands, Ultimo is now also located in neighbouring countries Germany and Belgium. ‘Managing Aging Plants’ wanted to learn more about how exactly Ultimo’s solutions can assist in keeping ageing assets and buildings in good shape.

Read the cover story and learn more about:

  • Ultimo and the development of the software
  • the unique combination of Asset Management and Health, Safety & Environment
  • why it is smart to use long-term asset planning for strategic assets
  • how Smart Maintenance can help make your work even easier.

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About ‘Managing Ageing Plants’

‘Managing Aging Plants’ is published six times a year and is available in multiple countries across Europe, North-America and Asia. Their mission: providing the industry with safe and sustainable operations for the future.


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