The following new functions are available in both Go & Go+:

  • Action buttons have been positioned on top of the screen and information has been placed lower. This is done in order to simplify the usage of the app and to allocate actions quicker.
  • Attributes and bills of materials of an object can now also be consulted in the mobile app.

The following functions are only available for Go+:

  • It is now possible to use a digital signature within the app, either with or without scanning an employee badge. This function is available by default within the back-office Medical Technology, but can also be easily used for other back-offices.
  • By means of scanning a barcode, instruments and other inventory items can be placed in the right rooms, so you can use Ultimo Go+ to perform inventory rounds.
  • The usage of GPS within the app is available for the back-office Infra. It is possible to use the GPS to localize the objects in the environment and to register the position of this object when a job/fault is created.

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