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Medical Technology

How do you register the important information of your medical equipment? And how do monitor all processes surrounding these assets? With the Medical Technology module you can register all this information and gain an understanding with which you can optimise your processes.


Basis for safe application of medical technology

Can your organisation guarantee that medical technology is applied safely in specialised medical care? Register all medical equipment you manage in the Medical Technology module. With all corresponding relevant information. Think of organisational and technical information and the maintenance history. Warranties and periodical maintenance models Documentation, measurement results and contracts such as service contracts. This is how you lay the foundation for applying safety and risk management

What are this module’s advantages?

  • The module was developed in collaboration with the market so it is perfectly geared to daily operations.
  • You have a functionality that meets the demands set by thorough risk and safety management.
  • Easier use and efficiency due to standard interfaces.
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