High level of information security

Information security has always been an integral part of the culture of the organisation, but there is an increasing demand from the market for a certificate as proof and substantiation. ‘Our customers expect a high level of information security.  Not only for the SaaS platform where customers store and process their data, but in all our processes that are associated with the development, supply and support of our software for both SaaS and on-premise installations,’ states Michel Vloemans (Chief Customer Operations Officer). ‘So we are pleased that we can prove this high level of information security with this certificate.’

Continuous improvement

With the ISO27001 certificate, Ultimo wants to send a clear message to the market that information security is taken extremely seriously, and that they aim for continuous improvement of the Information Security Management System. The certificate shows that Ultimo Software Solutions safeguards a high level of information security and that the organisation is capable of a fitting response to threats and incidents.

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