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Go4Logistics use their broad experience in the transport and logistics sector to develop solutions for transport and logistics companies.

Implementation Partner

About Go4Logistics

Inspired by the needs of entrepreneurs in transport and logistics, Go4TMS was developed as a new, innovative total solution based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (previously Microsoft Dynamics NAV).

How Go4Logistics and Ultimo provide the efficient management and planning of transportations

Both Ultimo and Go4Logistics are strong players in the world of transport and logistics. We both have our own specialities but the same goal: making sure transport and logistics companies can work as efficiently as possible. We do this by offering sound software and with in-depth knowledge of the sector. The partnership of Ultimo and Go4Logistics combines the knowledge and experience of both, allowing us to offer even stronger solutions. Go4Logistics guarantee a professional implementation, geared to the needs and processes of transport and logistics companies.

Advantages of the partnership for the customer

Every transport company needs a solid Transport Management System (TMS) to manage and plan their transportations. These companies often have their own vehicles and tools, which means they also need a system to manage these assets.

The integration of both systems ensures even more efficiency; no more time lost because you scheduled a vehicle that is unavailable due to maintenance and no more assets breaking down by timely scheduling maintenance. With the link of both systems, you always have a complete overview and a realistic planning.

What customers benefit from our partnership?

The transport and logistics service provider Van Moer Logistics already uses both systems and the link between them. The link also helps them further expand their organisation. Because of the huge growth of Van Moer, they now have a great deal of different assets that require proper management and planning. With the integration of the Go4Logistics and Ultimo systems, the right assets end up with the right planner. This means significant time savings for Van Moer.

Veerle Goossens, CEO at Go4Logistics, about the partnership with Ultimo:

“Right from the start, the connection was there. We have the same values in terms of customer contact: service orientation and a positive attitude. And on top of that, Ultimo is a very professional company, which makes the partnership even more pleasant. We are looking forward to all the great things we will undoubtedly achieve together!”

Visit the Go4Logistics solution page on the Ultimo Marketplace to view more details.

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