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The energy sector is evolving rapidly with sustainability high on the agenda. It’s a true energy transition. Work in the energy sector? Experience Ultimo to improve your own sustainability and improve your competitive edge. All your assets and facilities tell their stories. The question is: do you have to software to listen?

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Asset Management. Software to improve your competitive edge.

If you want to offer your customers innovative solutions, investment is the way to go. In equipment, assets and fleet. To remain profitable and even increase your turnover your business management needs to be as ‘lean’ as possible. Ultimo software allows you to listen to what your assets are telling you. It will professionalise your Asset Management, and result in the best production process possible. With the lowest number of disruptions and failures possible.

How will you profit from Ultimo?

  • A better grip on and understanding of your assets, and efficient maintenance.
  • Reduction in downtime, improve performance and lengthen the life span of your assets.
  • Also for the best management of your fleet, properties and IT assets.

Energy Blogs

Kanban: visualise your tasks

Make your work environment safer?

Do you record near-incidents on the shop floor? Are you safety-aware during maintenance work? Do you embed change processes in a structured manner? What is an orderly way to issue work permits? The extensive modules for Safety Management simplify life for an EHS manager or Maintenance manager. All your assets tell their stories. Are you listening? Want to know more?

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Curious about the future?

Reap the benefits of clever technology and software. Clever sensors linked to maintenance processes allow energy corporations to improve their processes further, and to anticipate predictable maintenance. At the same time new technologies lower the risk of human error in the process. The ultimate ‘Live-link your assets and facilities’. Want to know how the Internet of Things can be used in your projects?

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Relevant Cases

  • Maintenance is now executed more on time
  • Unnecessary costs due to delays are prevented
  • Various interfaces maintain work efficiency
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The energy sector is evolving rapidly with sustainability high on the agenda. Experience the possibilities of Ultimo, request a demo!