About Ultimo

In the world of Ultimo, management processes and the software they require take centre stage. Since 1988.

Innovative Our product development is focussed on the latest trends and developments in the industry.
Involved Together with our clients we realise the best solutions for optimum process control.
Reliable We offer our honest and expert opinion as service provider. And have done so since 1988.
> 100,000 People use Ultimo every day, and rising.
> 5,000 Successful implementations that prove
our expertise.
> 100 Organised events to inspire our clients and
get them involved.

Experts in optimisation Since 1988

Even when we began at the end of the eighties we focussed on processes. Processes that help companies and organisations operate to the best of their abilities. This is why we feel confident to call ourselves process specialists. Of course we combine our collective knowledge in the software we create – but we always do so with our process thinking-hat on. After all, people control all kind of things, but we rather not have these things control us. All our work at Ultimo is to make life safer, customer-friendly, well-ordered and easier. For you.

Safety, quality & ISO certified.

Whether we are looking at an objective determination of the state of repair of installations or buildings or we are working on the continuous improvement of the Information Security Management System (ISMS), making sure it meets our ISO/IEC27001:2013 certificate: Ultimo is tirelessly working to have safety assurance match with its software, wherever possible. And we take our responsibilities seriously. Much more seriously than is strictly necessary. For example: We have looked at the directives used in the healthcare industry that are aimed at the security of patient data. Despite the fact that our software is primarily not intended to store patient information, it may occur that, somehow, patient information is saved in the specific Ultimo environment that health care clients use. For instance because the flexible design of our software allows this. Ultimo takes its responsibility and designs software that is suitable for use in healthcare. Both for our On Premise and SaaS products and services. The ISO 9001 certificate proves that Ultimo is proud to deliver good quality products and services. It reaffirms that Ultimo always strives to improve its processes.

Development and innovation

Because the world is in a whirl, and it revolves around all your objects and equipment at the speed of light, the development of our software is always in top gear. You want to expand your organisation, grow, and go to the next level. We innovate even more quickly to help you do it. The beauty of having one platform that we can change gears really fast. If the maintenance world changes in some significant part we are ready to meet any consequences it may have for facility or IT. And we keep the edge: See vital signs. Take vital action.

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