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Work Permits

How do you ensure a safe work environment? And how do you deal with the processes surrounding work permits? With this module you support the process of managing and issuing work permits.


Integration between work order and work permit

Both managing and issuing work permits are important for creating a safe work environment. But it can be quite the time-consuming process. When the communication between those involved is not great for instance. Benefit from the Work Permits module and set up a streamlined and efficient process. The module was co-created with a panel of Ultimo users.

What do you get out of the Work Permits module?

  • A streamlined and efficient process by using blueprints.
  • Quick and digital validation.
  • Facilitating a safe work environment.

Task Risk Analysis (TRA)

Laws regarding working conditions require work-related dangers in the organisation to be listed and evaluated. For this purpose Ultimo offers a task risk analysis (TRA) for high-risk work permits. A TRA is a tool to list risks of activities beforehand. Its goal is to prevent dangerous situations.

A TRA can be made single-use but it can also be reused when certain high-risk activities occur frequently. Think of working at heights, working with power tools or working with hazardous substances. This saves you a lot of time because you only have to register the risks and corresponding measures once. The TRA add-on is available from Ultimo version 2016 upwards.


Understand your work permits with a plot plan

Smart Images+ help you visualise all active work permits. For instance on a plot plan of a site, or an aerial photo. Giving you information about activities at a glance. And which activities have the highest risk. This can help you anticipate dangerous situations based on the scheduled work permits.

Work Permits Cases

BEWiSynbra Group
  • A safer work environment with integration of EHS/Maintenance
  • Better registration of processes
  • Easier to meet the laws and regulations
Water board De Dommel
  • Broad use that helps save multiple departments save on costs
  • Lower administrative load with smart interfaces
  • Balance between exploitation and maintenance in the long-term management of assets
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