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Ultimo Configuration Tool

We want our software to adapt to the working method of an organisation. Not the other way around, where an organisation must adjust to our system. This is why we created our Ultimo Configuration Tool.


You can adapt Ultimo to your unique business processes

With the Ultimo Configuration Tool we offer a range of possibilities. You can set authorisations and create new menus and screens. Or change screens, menus, fields and workflows. You can add fields and tables. Record additional relations in the system. And none of this requires any programming, but is simply done by an Ultimo consultant. Or, if you prefer, by your own application manager. To familiarise you with the Ultimo Configuration Tool, we offer you specific application management training courses.

What are the advantages?

  • No customisation but changes in the standard.
  • It increases user acceptance by matching your current processes in the best possible way.
  • Lower management costs because you can manage and finetune the application yourself.

Automate important actions

A large number of actions can be performed in your Ultimo application. Using the Workflow Scheduler+ you can automate some of these actions. Think of:

  • Sending an e-mail after a certain action or event.
  • Sending an e-mail as a reminder.
  • Activating an import, export or interface at a certain time.
  • Generating a report and sending it to a user.

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