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Stop Planning

Does your organisation use maintenance stops (shutdowns)? If so, how do you make sure you stay on top of the activities that need to be carried out? Use the Stop Planning module!


Easily plan, move and change activities

With our Stop Planning module you can efficiently plan various stops. Think of turnarounds (shutdowns), other major maintenance or revision. The module offers you a clear graphic planning board with which you can plan all corresponding activities. You can also execute and monitor the activities.

What does this module offer you?

  • Plan your stops more efficiently.
  • With the insight into the execution and the costs it offers, you can easily adjust the planning.
  • Manage the execution and control from one integrated system.

Module related to existing practice

We developed Stop Planning thanks to an active contribution from multiple customers from various sectors. Because we used different experiences from our customers to develop the module, it is perfectly geared to the needs in the market. The module’s options:

  • Applicable for many processes in which specific activities need to be scheduled in a certain period.
  • Integration with other processes in Ultimo such as periodical maintenance, corrective work orders and orders.
  • Easy to check the stop preparation.

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