Shift Handover

How do you make sure the correct information is exchanged between operators and maintenance? Why, via a digital log in our Shift Handover module. One central place where the communication between asset operators and other stakeholders is exchanged.

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Facilitate the communication between operators and maintenance

The exchange of information is a tricky issue for many production companies. How do you make sure information is exchanged in a structured and unambiguous manner between crews and departments? Use Shift Handover to clarify agreements, problems and events. The registration is clear-cut and current matters immediately visualised for the entire organisation. This results in an optimised collaboration between departments and crews. After all, you are now both responsible for a safe work environment and the optimal availability of your machinery.

The advantages of the module

  • Register remarks, which may be useful for the following shifts, after every shift.
  • An integrated list of failures, technical activities and operator remarks.
  • Register information from operators who know all the ins and outs of the processes.

EHS Suite: Comply with the SEVESO III directive

Use the EHS Suite to create a far-reaching integration between EHS-related activities and asset management. This suite contains the module EHS Incident Management, Management of Change and Work Permits. This integration offers you many advantages:

  • All EHS incidents and other failures clear in one integrated application.
  • Process modifications in a structured manner because they are integrated in your current work order flow or project management.
  • Use blueprints so work permits can be validated quickly and digitally.
  • It is easier to prove your organisation meets important regulations such as the SEVESO III directive.

Shift Handover Cases

BEWiSynbra Group
  • A safer work environment with integration of EHS/Maintenance
  • Better registration of processes
  • Easier to meet the laws and regulations
Solidus Solutions
  • Efficiency because of the EHS & maintenance integration
  • Insight into unsafe situations and their follow-up
  • Perfect coordination of the maintenance activities
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