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Personnel Management

What relevant personnel information can you manage in Ultimo? And how do you do this safely? The Personnel Management module helps you do this safely and responsibly.


Separate personal data according to the GDPR

In the Personnel management module you record all relevant information regarding your employees, visitors and contacts. In doing so it is very important you comply with the European GDPR legislation.

Some measures have been taken in Ultimo so you can:

  • Separate personal data from all business details.
  • Automatically anonymise personal data.
  • Hide personal data for people for whom it is not relevant.

ERO Registration

Also use the Personnel Management module to register who in your organisation belong to the ERO team and what their part in the team is. This means everyone’s responsibilities are clear at all times. And by registering the training courses, you also know whether every member of the ERO team still has the required level of knowledge.

Interface Active Directory/HRM system

Information of persons and employees is often used in multiple systems. Prevent the double input of data by creating an interface with Active Directory or a HRM system. This means you only have to manage your employees’ information in one central system. Saves you a lot of time.


The training courses employees follow, have followed or will follow can be registered in the software per employee. Register for every training how often a refresher course is necessary. The system uses this frequency to determine per employee when their certificate expires and when a new certificate must be obtained.

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