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How do you make sure all activities are carried out in time when multiple departments/teams are working together? The Multijobs module allows you to coordinate and process multidisciplinary activities


Easily manage multidisciplinary activities

Different departments/disciplines working together perfectly. This can be realised with our Multijobs module. For the arrival of a new employee for example. A relatively simple task that contains many actions. The necessary software needs to be installed on the computer and an access badge needs to be arranged. But they will also need a new telephone and new furniture. And who is going to plan this? These are activities for multiple employees. And they are activities that need to follow each other in a short amount of time. In Ultimo you can define these activities — what, where, when, how — in templates.

What does Multijobs offer you?

  • Use intelligent dependencies to execute activities.
  • A simple planner offers you direct insight into the status and bottlenecks.
  • Control of costs.
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