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How do you make a move a smooth as possible? With the Moves module you can coordinate planned or ad hoc moves. And manage the supporting back offices (e.g. Technical Service or Automation) timely if needed.


A smooth move process; well begun is half done

The process of a move often causes tension on the workfloor. After all, managing a move is not your everyday job. How do you make sure it goes smoothly? It is great to have a clear idea of what exactly needs to happen if you want the move to go as smoothly and efficiently as possible. Like what needs to go where? Use the Move module to register everything regarding moves as clearly as possible. Prepare everything beforehand so you can react to unexpected situation in time.

What is possible with this module?

  • Coordinate planned or ad hoc moves.
  • Manage supporting departments.
  • Monitor the progress of the activities to be carried out.
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