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Management of Change

How do you structure the Management of Change process efficiently? With the Management of Change module it is possible to request modifications and process them in a structured manner.


Set up your Management of Change process in a structured and efficient manner

Reducing safety risks and company risks involves a great deal of responsibility. How do you limit the risks? And how do you make sure modifications are carried out in a structured manner and according to the necessary laws and regulations such as the SEVESO III directive? With this module you can manage the MoC process and carry it out in an organised and efficient manner.

What are the advantages of this module?

  • You have convenient checklists to perform structured evaluations and checks.
  • The process is efficient and clear because it is fully digital.
  • You integrate activities in the regular work order flow.

EHS Suite: Comply with the SEVESO III directive

Create a far-reaching integration between EHS-related activities and asset management. With the modules Shift Handover, Management of Change and EHS Incident Management. This allows you to:

  • Record failures, technical activities and operators’ remarks in one list, linked to the existing asset structure.
  • Structure processing of modifications because they are integrated in your current work order flow or project management.
  • Clarify EHS incidents and other failures in one integrated application.
  • Prove your organisation complies with important regulations such as the SEVESO III directive.

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