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Inventory Management

How do you register the important information about your inventory? And how do you clarify the processes surrounding your inventory items? The Inventory Management module allows you to register all important information. So you have the required knowledge to optimise all your processes.


Gain control of the availability of your inventory

With the Inventory Management module you can register the information of all conceivable company resources such as equipment, whether building-related or not, inventory, instruments, etc. and understand how you can optimise you processes. You can also register relevant information. Including organisational and technical information, contracts and other documentation. Because of the extensive possibilities every organisation can manage its assets with Ultimo

What else do you get out of the Inventory Management module?

  • Safeguard all relevant information regarding your assets by recording them in a well-organised manner.
  • Insight into the locations of your assets.
  • Control of the availability of your assets.

Inventory Management Cases

University Medical Center Utrecht
  • Goals in terms of transparency, customisation, customer-friendliness and cost control achieved
  • Broad facilities applications of the software
  • Improved internal communication
Fire department Amsterdam
  • More insight into the history and costs
  • Better coordination between products and services
  • Tool for spending budgets well
  • Efficient and safe laundry process
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