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Incident Management

How do you create a streamlined and highly efficient help desk? Solve your help desk incidents as quickly as possible with the Incident Management module.


Increase your help desk's efficiency by processing incidents quickly and adequately

Register incidents easily and in a structured manner and record the actions of your employees. This means you build up a valuable data file. This allows you to compare symptoms of future incidents with already registered incidents. So they are easier to recognise in the future. And with the Knowledge Tree module you solve your incidents quickly. After you get a report, you will immediately see a number of options for solutions.

What are the advantages of this module for you?

  • Understanding of the progress of incidents and work-related stress.
  • Excellent coordination of first-line and second-line IT reports.
  • Quickly processing incidents via the Knowledge Tree.
  • Splitting up incidents into subincidents.
  • The option of submitting a change request directly on the basis of a subincident/an incident.
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