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The functionality for evaluations allows you to rate your suppliers and assess your contracts in an effortless and well-structured manner. These assessment also help you meet the requirements set in directives or quality systems such as ISO 9001.


Assess your suppliers and contracts

Two modules are available in Ultimo that support evaluations. They can be purchased separately. The modules are Vendor Rating and Contract Assessment. In essence, both are the same feature but as the names suggest, one module is focused on rating suppliers and the other on the assessment of contracts.

The modules were created in collaboration with an Ultimo customer panel consisting of: Kisuma Chemicals, Maasstad Ziekenhuis, Albert Schweitzer Ziekenhuis, Walibi Holland, Ziekenhuisgroep Twente and UMC Utrecht. Because we want to use the module ourselves too, Ultimo was represented in the panel as well.

What can be achieved with this functionality?

  • Supports combining and analysing assessments.
  • Supports recording and follow-up of defined action items.
  • Limits risks for your organisation.

Vendor rating

Vendor rating allows you to periodically assess your most prominent suppliers in a practical manner. With the templates defined by you, you can easily offer the correct set of questions to multiple people — who can award their scores digitally — time after time. It also helps with analysing the results and recording and following up improvement actions.

Not only is it possible to assess a supplier periodically, but it is also possible to perform an initial assessment before the first order is placed and incidental assessments for specific projects. Vendor Rating helps you limit risks for your organisation and meet the requirements set in standards or quality systems such as ISO 9001.


Contract Assessment

Contract Assessment allows you to assess contracts in a practical manner. Before renewing a contract, you use the templates you have defined to offer a set of questions to colleagues who are involved in contract management. Multiple people can award their scores digitally. Not only can you assess contracts periodically, it is also possible to perform an initial assessment before signing the contract and incidental or intermediate assessments.

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