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Authorisation Management

Start using our Authorisation Management module to set the authorisation for individual users, user groups and/or different sites. To make sure every user only the information that is relevant to them. And increase the ease of use.


Only show relevant information

We want an application that is as easy to use as is possible. That ease of use was constantly on our minds when we developed our software. And one of results was the Authorisation Management module. This makes it possible to only show user groups the information relevant to them. Because nobody wants a mountain of information of which they only need a small portion. And considering the current legislation surrounding privacy and information security, it is even necessary today. Don’t worry, your information is safe with Ultimo.

The advantages of the module in short:

  • Increased ease of use and acceptance of Ultimo.
  • The security of sensitive information is guaranteed.
  • The certainty Ultimo is used in the best possible way.

Authorisations on individual or site level

Would you like more than the basic functions we offer in the module? And would you like to give certain users different settings? Or do you want to separate the data per site? Then choose the optional Record Authorisation Management module. This allows you to adjust the settings on user level or site level.

Authorisation Management Cases

BEWiSynbra Group
  • A safer work environment with integration of EHS/Maintenance
  • Better registration of processes
  • Easier to meet the laws and regulations
Fire department Amsterdam
  • More insight into the history and costs
  • Better coordination between products and services
  • Tool for spending budgets well
  • Efficient and safe laundry process
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