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Asset Planner

How can you group activities, including maintenance, per asset in an orderly way? And cleverly schedule and coordinate with the production planning? The Asset Planner helps organisations with high demands on the availability of production assets.


All maintenance activities in one list

The Asset Planner module gives you a graphic planner in which you can view and plan the maintenance activities related to an asset for a certain period. Failures or modifications? Those, too, can be added as an activity. In the end, the planned activities are perfectly in line with the production planning. Which in turn makes it easy to coordinate the production planning with everything needed for the execution. Everything in one list.

All the advantages of the planner:

  • You can see per asset which activities need to be executed in a selected period.
  • The planned downtimes of production assets can be coordinated.
  • The production planning and maintenance planning can be coordinated.
  • You can see per asset whether downtime is required and what arrangements were made about it with Production.

Smart software geared to daily operations

We wanted to create an Asset Planner that is the best choice for every organisation. This is why we drew on practical expertise during the development of the Asset Planner. And created the Asset Planner in collaboration with a customer panel. We integrated the panel’s feedback into our software so it is perfectly geared to your daily operations. This customer panel consisted of organisations active in different sectors: Fire department Amsterdam-Amstelland, Hutchinson Ports ECT Rotterdam, Lotus Bakeries, Metallo and UMC Utrecht.

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