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Asset Management

Managing your assets is vital. How do you record that important information? Information about your installations and your process functions. About your exchange parts, transport equipment and tools? Not to mention the insight into all processes surrounding these assets. With the help of the Asset Management module.


The basis of a properly functioning maintenance organisation

In the Asset Management module you can register the data of all your assets and you gain understanding on how you can improve your processes. You can create a hierarchy and visualise the data with an array of explorers. For greater understanding. It also allows you to register relevant information. Including organisational and technical information and other documentation. Because of the extensive options it is possible for every organisation to clarify the asset structure.

What you get out of the Asset Management module?

  • Well-ordered management of the assets in your organisation. The basis of a properly functioning maintenance organisation.
  • Understanding of all your assets by registering and guaranteeing relevant information.
  • Help with optimising your asset management processes.

Asset Management Cases

BEWiSynbra Group
  • A safer work environment with integration of EHS/Maintenance
  • Better registration of processes
  • Easier to meet the laws and regulations
  • Integrated approach of asset & fleet management
  • Further improved structure
  • End users have a ready-made solution
  • Fits in perfectly with the organisation’s sustainability policy
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