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The traditional separation between design and realisation is decreasing in construction. For instance due to the increase in integrated types of contracts. A consequence is that risks are increasingly for the contractor. Are you aware of all the risks?

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Asset Management: the best performance and still the lowest costs.

Nowadays the responsibility of contractors does not end after the project is finished. In fact, the real work only then begins, because how will you make sure your assets are available for the duration you agreed without booking a loss on your project? Do you see sufficient data relating to your assets? The Infra Asset Management software is an excellent opportunity for you to register and optimise your asset management processes. It allows you to share information with your client(s); giving them insight into their assets with relevant management information which can be actioned when necessary.

Your advantages when you use Ultimo Infra Asset Management software:

  • Register and meet the requirements of contract agreements and Service Level Agreements (SLAs).
  • Get a grip on costs, for example for maintenance.
  • Assess risks better; anticipate the future. See vital signs. Take vital action.

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Kanban: visualise your tasks

Could your equipment management be more efficient?

You probably regularly assess the value of all the rolling stock you have? How do you get the best return from all your equipment? Use Ultimo Fleet Management for all of these questions. The integrated Ultimo software offers all the tools to set up your equipment management as efficiently as possible, for the best results, based on informed critical decision-making.

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Curious about the future?

Reap the benefits of clever technology and software. Clever sensors linked to processes allow you to improve your asset management processes further, and enable you to anticipate predictable maintenance and proactive management. At the same time new technologies lower the risk of human error in the process. The ultimate ‘Live-link your assets and facilities’. Want to know how the Internet of Things can be used in your projects?

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Relevant Cases

Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure
  • Over 20 RWS districts use Ultimo
  • Objective registration of data by using a well-known standard
  • Control over performance contracts with contractors
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The traditional separation between design and realisation is decreasing in construction. Are you aware of all the risks? Experience the possibilties, request a demo!