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Work Order Management

How do you manage your work order flow? And how do you remain in control of the work to be done? The Work Order Management module has everything for creating and processing activities such as failures and requests.


Create an efficient work order flow

Record all relevant information regarding your activities with Work Order Management. Think of work instructions, planned hours or required materials. And link a default job plan, protocol or service contract to the activity if necessary. Ultimo then calculates the planned start date and finish date depending on the priority.

After the work is done, you can register the actual hours, used materials and other costs. The work order registration is the basis of management reports. The registered jobs are then automatically included in the employee’s time sheet. The costs are charged and the stock adjustments are processed immediately so the stock levels are kept up-to-date.

What are the advantages of this module?

  • Insight into the progress of the work to be done.
  • Full integration with your process because of customisable progress statuses.
  • User-friendly planners that simplify the work and provide a clear overview of the workload.

Plan activities easily and quickly with the Job Planner.

With the Job Planner you assign work to people very quickly using a drag-and-drop planner or directly from a work order. The software then takes into account shifts, capacity and availability. If the exact time the job is executed is not relevant, it is possible to schedule the jobs in sequence. You specify for an employee which jobs have to be executed in what order.  The employee can then see this in Ultimo GO and complete the jobs there. You can use different rosters when scheduling staff. Here you can take in account shifts and personal rosters that enable leave registration.

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