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Time Accounting

Do you have a complete idea of the time spent on executed activities? Use the Time Accounting module to keep track. It lets you know exactly when the bulk of the time is spent and on what activity.


A complete overview of the time spent

To improve productivity and save on costs it is very important to know the time spent in your organisation. Keeping track of spent hours is essential for a complete picture of the productive/non-productive hours and the activities that require a lot of time. Time Accounting makes this easy.

All options:

  • Register the worked hours when processing activities.
  • Register non-productive hours such as leave, illness, training, etc. too.
  • Use simple wizards to register hours.
  • Export registered hours to time registration software and/or import the availability information into Ultimo.

Start-Stop Time Registration

We developed the Start-Stop Time Registration functionality as an addition to the Time Accounting module. It allows you to easily keep track of the time spent on a work order.

If everyone in your organisation registers when they start and when they stop activities, you will get a complete picture of the productive hours. Input is easy with just one click of the Start or Stop button. The software keeps track of the exact time between starting and stopping the activities. Preventing most if not all questions about registering hours. You purchase the module with default reports like the start-stop hour registration per employee.

Can also be combined with Ultimo Go

Even better is that you can simply combine the Start-Stop Time Registration with the Ultimo Go app. The Start and Stop button always and everywhere available. So no more administration after the fact.

Time Accounting Cases

University Medical Center Utrecht
  • Goals in terms of transparency, customisation, customer-friendliness and cost control achieved
  • Broad facilities applications of the software
  • Improved internal communication
Water board De Dommel
  • Broad use that helps save multiple departments save on costs
  • Lower administrative load with smart interfaces
  • Balance between exploitation and maintenance in the long-term management of assets
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