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Ultimo is used more and more in an international environment. Often it concerns organisations with multiple sites in different countries. With the Multicurrency feature it is possible to create multiple companies, which can all work with their own currency in Ultimo.


Work in your own currency

Are you working with Ultimo in an international environment? And multiple sites register costs in their own currency? We designed the Multicurrency functionality for Ultimo for precisely this reason. The software distinguishes between company currency and transaction money, for instance in the Purchase module. Each site can work with its own currency, and you can still benchmark the costs in your reports.

Separate data per company

In addition, a distinction is made between the company currency and transaction currency (in the Purchase module, for example). The data in Ultimo are separated per company, making sure data and currency are not mixed up. Specific fields with currency indication have been introduced in Ultimo for amounts. These fields show the correct currency for every amount.

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