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Lockout Tagout

How do you prevent work-related accidents during maintenance activities? The sudden start-up of equipment during maintenance and repair activities can be prevented by using the Lockout Tagout (LOTO) module.


Prevent industrial accidents during maintenance activities

Most work-related accidents are caused by an unexpected power supply to installations or equipment. This can be prevented. Create a safe work environment by following a LOTO procedure and secure your equipment. With the module Lockout Tagout, you can give define operating procedures as a part of your maintenance process or work permit process.

What exactly can you do with this module?

  • Prevent the start-up of equipment and devices during maintenance and repair activities.
  • Prevent work-related accidents and damage to equipment or devices.
  • Alert colleagues to potentially dangerous situations.
  • Prove you comply with important laws and regulations.

Prepare Lockout Tagout on a P&ID

With Smart Images+ it is possible to use a P&ID as visual support when you write a LOTO plan or a LOTO request. For example, you can add a lock or label to a specific location in a P&ID. After the lock or label has been added, a marker and a possible sequence is shown on the P&ID. This gives a perfect understanding of the security.

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