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Energy Management

Your assets are moving constantly. They are always using energy which comes with the necessary costs. Energy consumption and energy costs are inextricably intertwined. And you want to keep those costs as low as you can. That makes it so important that you have information about these costs. The Energy Management module gives you insight into the energy consumption of your equipment, buildings and rooms.


From insight into the energy consumption to a more sustainable business

Having insight into the energy consumption of your assets makes it easier to take measures to save on energy costs. We also think you should keep an eye on the future. Because this information also offers better options for sustainable business practices. How about measures that require a high investment but are better for the environment in the long run? And for your wallet.

What can you do with the Energy Management module?

  • Registration and understanding of the energy consumption.
  • Comparing the energy consumption of different pieces of equipment and/or buildings/rooms.

Other nifty features

Some other features that might come in handy:

  • Overruns: a report provides insight into every time a limit was overrun.
  • Virtual meters: these allow you to calculate the sum of, the difference between or the average of different meters.
  • Feed-in meters: you are aided by meters that register energy produced or fed into the grid.
  • Interfaces: with this feature we look at possibilities to link with other systems that register measurement values.

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