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E-Mail Import

Are many reports in you organisation done via e-mail? It would be great then if these reports would go directly to Ultimo. The E-Mail Import module allows you to import e-mails into the software. And then have them converted into a report.


Submitting reports via e-mail

Ultimo offers multiple options to create a report. Think of Self-Service and Mobile Reports for instance. But e-mail is still a frequently used medium. You can use this module to facilitate the import of your e-mails into Ultimo. This prevents old-fashioned copying and pasting.

So what do you get out of it?

  • An accessible method for customers (including internal customers) to submit a report.
  • Communication about an existing report is linked automatically.
  • Working faster and more efficiently.

Social Media Monitoring Tool & E-Mail Import

Are you using a Social Media Monitoring tool? The E-Mail Import module allows you to easily forward relevant reports to Ultimo. And you can provide further follow-up in Ultimo. It allows you to follow up social media messages proactively. And come up with the right solution.

E-Mail Import Cases

CM Health insurance fund
  • All facilities products and services available through customer portal
  • Costs, work and knowledge are bundled
  • Uniform working method for all offices
Care Group Noorderboog
  • Facility management, IT and service requests in one system
  • More result-driven understanding
  • Higher availability of IT assets
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