IT Service Management software

The standard IT Service Management software solution is a full solution for professional IT management in accordance with normative methods (ITIL). Your specific wishes and adaptations can be carried through for better results.

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    Your tightly directed IT environment

    The IT environment of your organization represents a high value. The IT Service Management software immediately provides you more insight into your IT assets and IT infrastructure and allows you to adjust your IT policy. For example to improve the quality or to control the costs. The staff members of the IT department/help desk also experience more structure and ease when dealing with reported incidents/calls.

    The IT Service Management software is based on the most occurring ITIL services. The management of known errors and problems and the carrying through of changes in the IT environment passes of correctly. The ITSM software also provides support for the management of contracts, Service Level Agreements, Request Fulfilment, depreciations and replacements, stock management and purchase of IT assets.

    IT Service Management standard package

    • Objects
    • Configuration management (CMDB)
    • Work flow
    • Incident management
    • Service requests
    • Problem management
    • Change Management
    • Financial
    • Contract management
    • Service Level Agreements
    • Time accounting
    • Communication
    • Knowledge tree
    • Dashboards
    • Reports
    • Standard notifications
    • Sending e-mails
    • Master data management
    • People management
    • Ultimo Go
    • Flexibility & Technique
    • Authorization management
    • Ultimo Customization Tool
    • Workflow Scheduler+

    IT Service Management optional modules

    The above-mentioned IT Service Management software standard package can be easily extended with the following modules:

    • Objects
    • Energy Management
    • Work flow
    • Stock management & Purchase
    • Multi-jobs
    • Product Files
    • Flexibility & Technique
    • E-mail import
    • Various interfaces
    • Financial
    • Depreciations
    • Long-term Asset Planning
    • Communication
    • Self-service
    • Ultimo Go+
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    Optimal support with the Ultimo Customization Tool

    In addition to our flexible standard IT Service Management software, we offer you the standard Ultimo Customization Tool. This tool allows you to carry out various adjustments to the Ultimo software without programming. The aim is to fit in the IT Service Management software as optimal as possible with your work processes and to further improve the performances in that way. Your application manager could execute these adjustments himself but our consultants are at your disposal as well. In order to familiarize you with the Ultimo Customization Tool, we offer you specific trainings with regard to the use of it.

    Renting or buying? Which option do you prefer?

      Renting (SaaS) Buying (licence fixe)
    Application management Ultimo Customer
    Investment Monthly subscription Unique
    Infrastructure Well secured data centre Own server
    Flexibility By Ultimo By Ultimo / customer
    Work independent of the location Via internet Via own network / internet
      Contact Contact

    The Ultimo software is web based. Thus, your choice to rent or buy the software does not influence the availability of the maintenance system. If you choose to buy the software, we also offer you the hosting possibility. This means that you buy the software but that you do not have to worry about the aspects concerning the infrastructure. Please contact us for more information about the exact possibilities and the differences between the various options.

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    One integral solution for ITSM, Facility Management & more

    The ITSM software of Ultimo is a complete software tool which helps you to raise your ITSM. In more and more organizations, we notice that the supporting services grow towards one another. It is (cost) efficient to use one central application for IT Service Management, Facility Management, Maintenance Management, Property management and/or Fleet management in that case.

    With our modular structure and flexibility, we supply a good functioning solution which you have to supplement with the best fitting standard package and the desired extra modules. Every day, the majority of our customers experiences the ease and efficiency of the central use of Ultimo for a combination of supporting services. Ask for a suitable reference or a tailor-made offer.

    The following organizations successfully use IT Service Management

    "Improvement of the quality ensuring of the supporting services."
    St Jansdal Hospital

    "Work more efficiently at the ICT department."


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