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Corporate services represent almost 75% of the domestic income. This large and diverse sector includes some large and well-known companies but especially many, many smaller enterprises. It is very important that the day-to-day operations focus on the provision of services to clients and is not held back by side issues. Side issues, like assets and facilities, all require a platform so they can provide you with clear information. And this platform is called Ultimo.

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All information about buildings, assets and work orders in one central location.

Your processes aimed at buildings, rooms and assets as well as dealing with facilities have to be organised well and in a customer-oriented manner. How will you do this? With CAFM this is possible for every company; it gives you a user-friendly tool with which to get more grip on facilities, assets and buildings of your organisation. Managing all information in one central location; this gives you a great overview and you can increase customer focus. And your colleagues can use Self-Service to report their events and requirements to you, while following their progress. ‘Live-link your assets and facilities.’

Your advantages when you use Ultimo software:

  • All information about assets quickly available to all.
  • Grip on and understanding of contracts and suppliers to streamline the work.
  • Overview of all on-going activities.
  • User-friendly Self-Service web pages to increase user-friendliness.

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Kanban: visualise your tasks

Complete Enterprise Asset Management software

Ultimo EAM software has a wide range of features in the areas of Maintenance, Safety (EHS), Medical Asset, Infra Asset and IT Service Management. Based on practical use in collaboration with clients and other stakeholders. Combined into one ingenious EAM system in which all your assets provide you with their information. One platform, filled completely with signals. Especially the critical ones. See vital signs. Take vital actions.

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Generate long-term maintenance. Generate calm.

Are you responsible for maintenance, also long-term, or preservation of your properties? Do you know the large maintenance work you will be faced with in the coming years? And what this is going to cost you? Generate a long-term maintenance budget with Ultimo and create this insight. Something to base your balanced operation on. So you will know what to budget for. And that’s a good thing.

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Relevant Cases

CM Health insurance fund
  • All facilities products and services available through customer portal
  • Costs, work and knowledge are bundled
  • Uniform working method for all offices
  • One integrated platform that contains all information
  • Easy integration with other programs
  • Crucial instrument in the execution of daily work
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Side issues, like assets and facilities, all require a platform so they can provide you with clear information. And this platform is called Ultimo. Request a demo!