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Dutch Railways - Ultimo in the Cloud: ‘always up to date’

The Nederlandse Spoorwegen (Dutch Railways) have been using the Ultimo software to support their asset management for over 15 years. What once began as one workshop in Haarlem has grown throughout the entire organization.

Ultimo at the NS: simplifying management with Ultimo in the Cloud

The NS cater to almost 1.3 million commuters every day with 21,000 employees on one of the busiest rail networks in the world. About 750 employees on more than 30 locations throughout the country work with the Ultimo EAM software to keep their assets in the best condition. They have over 10,000 assets, ranging from train washing installations and wheel lathe pits to bicycles. Tom Stoot (product owner): “For the trains, we use a bespoke solution managed by a large team. For all other assets we use Ultimo. An accessible standard application with a low TCO that requires less than 1 FTE to manage it. Especially now that we have started working in the Cloud, managing the system has become even easier.”

The NS mainly use Ultimo to manage equipment and work orders but also their purchasing processes and HSE & Safety. Recently, they also starting using the Value-Driven Maintenance & Asset Management cockpit (Mainnovation) as an add-on to Ultimo. Together with the SAP integration, this allows for even more monitoring on technical management and the associated costs.

Easy migration and always up to date

In early 2022, Ultimo was migrated from On-Premises to the Azure Cloud. The reasons the NS chose to start working from the Cloud are:

  • Positive business case
  • Architecture vision NS: Cloud
  • Always up to date (cyber security + usability)
  • Simplify management stack
  • Relatively easy migration (no new product, only an upgrade)
  • Positive experiences. Both the high performance and the fact that users can constantly benefit from the latest features are of great added value.

Why EAM Software in the Cloud?

The consensus in the market is that business software like EAM software only has a future in the cloud. The software is safe and can be developed faster with a transparent price structure. And you, as a customer, don’t have to be worried about managing the EAM cloud software. Go to this page for more information about Ultimo in the Cloud.

"Especially now that we have started working in the Cloud, managing the system has become even easier."
Tom Stoot
Nederlandse Spoorwegen

Recent cases

  • Adoption of an enhanced cloud-based EAM solution
  • A more intuitive and responsive system
  • Improved visibility of all maintenance-related activities
  • High user uptake on the system across the organization
AZ Delta
  • Easy provision of Safety Instruction Cards
  • Insights into what is held where
  • Added (service) value for all
  • Improved capacity planning for the long term
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