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Martini Hospital acts like a real team with IFS Ultimo

The Martini Hospital is a large specialized clinical hospital. They use Ultimo throughout their organization for supporting processes. This is what the Martini Hospital calls Facilitating Health Care. The department of Medical Technology and the Technical service have been working with Ultimo for 15 years. By now the software has also spread through the rest of the organization. 

Hospitals have a great deal of high-risk installations like the central oxygen installation that consists of 10 km of pipes and 900 objects. Ultimo ensures that work on these installations is done safely by providing insight into the connections and showing the impact on patient care for individual rooms. Because oxygen is a medicine as well, the hospital pharmacist has a validation role in the work permit process. 

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Achieved results: 

  • The way Ultimo is set up also makes work done by third parties more efficient. The software automatically ensures that contractors are registered and get the right level of access. And that the right people are notified when the work is planned.   
  • Ultimo was set up to ensure working according to uniform processes and to limit administrative actions so that the staff can focus on improving the interactions with their customers.   
  • In a recent effort to increase efficiency, relocation actions have been integrated into the work order process. This has freed up a lot of time and helps prevent making mistakes in the execution.   
  • Working on the go with Ultimo Go also saves time in processing reports. This improves customer satisfaction. Another plus is that information is registered with the source, which improves the quality of data.  
“Ultimo is used throughout the Martini Hospital by different departments. From the workplace to management. The software helps us to work faster and more efficiently, and we achieve a higher level of quality. Together we aim to help our customers as quickly as possible and to the best of our abilities. As team Martini."
Meilof Feiken
Martini Hospital

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