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The transport sector, after having had some difficult years due to the economy, is back on the rise. However, this does not automatically mean that prices and margins will be back to the old days. Businesses active in this sector will have to consider the efficiency of their business operations carefully. How do you get the maximum availability of your fleet and vehicles, with as little unscheduled maintenance or stops as possible?

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Administrative management and maintenance management

How do you organise all the administration and accounting that is generated by your fleet? For example, contract management, insurances, invoicing, damages and fuelling. Our Fleet Management software provides you with all the necessary tools to increase the overview of your administration in a structured way.

An important part of your business is the work done in the workshop. How do you manage the maintenance work? Do you perform any service work for others? Ultimo means you are always up-to-date on all your activities. Whether we are talking about MOT, fleet maintenance, invoicing or stock control.

With Ultimo Software:

  • You have a good grip on all of your fleet, both its administration and its maintenance.
  • You have the exact numbers for Total Cost of Ownership of your vehicles.
  • You work more efficiently and put your fleet to work sustainably.

Transport Blogs

Kanban: visualise your tasks

From fuelling to maintenance planning.

The module Refuelling allows you to read fuelling data and link it to fuel cards, employees and vehicles. Valuable information. When you use the kilometres registered on the card the maintenance planning will be even more precise. And how about the option to generate the right purchase invoice with the costs assigned correctly when you interpret the purchases made with the card? ‘Live-link your assets and facilities.’

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Interfaces with other systems

Fleet Management software will help you out on many fronts, and at the same time it is not an isolated player in your application landscape. Thanks to the open architecture of Ultimo we were able to make many standard interfaces available. Think interfaces with transport systems, timetabling, onboard computers, accounting software and ERP.

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How do you get the maximum availability of your fleet and vehicles, with as little unscheduled maintenance or stops as possible? Experience the possibilities. Request a demo!