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Logistics service providers

Logistics service providers do not only bring goods from A to B but are often involved in more complex logistics. Take for example port operators and shipping companies. They are responsible for (a part of) chain management. Creating added value and efficient work is always necessary. How can you make sure your assets and facilities are managed cost consciously? Do you see all the signals your assets give? And listen to them?

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The best process support for maximum availability of assets.

As logistics service provider you are working round the clock to have your processes run as efficiently as possible and with as little delay as possible. This makes you dependent on goods, the efforts of your personnel and all your assets. Let’s look at those assets; i.e. properties, equipment but also your IT resources and fleet. How can you get a grip on all these assets and make sure they do not interrupt your primary process?

Software by Ultimo is a tool that offers you:

  • Grip on and control over the complete facility and maintenance process.
  • Cost control.
  • Highest availability of your assets.

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Kanban: visualise your tasks

Nobody knows what the future holds. Or do we?

Do you know the large maintenance work you will be faced with in the coming years? And what it is going to cost you? With the planning options Ultimo offers you, you can gain an understanding of the expected costs, risks and even the condition of all your assets. Real time. Something to base your balanced operation on. All things that are of great importance to you. So you always have sensible information about your properties. And can substantiate your policy choices and anticipate the future.

Curious about the future?

Reap the benefits of clever technology and software. Clever sensors linked to processes allow you to improve your asset management processes further and to anticipate predictable maintenance and proactive management. At the same time new technologies lower the risk of human error in the process. The ultimate ‘Live-link your assets and facilities’. Want to know how the Internet of Things can be used in your projects?

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Relevant Cases

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Hutchison Ports ECT Rotterdam
  • Fully integrated maintenance and stock management
  • One solution for the required management information
  • Robust link with ERP system Oracle
  • Return on Investment of 2 years
Vesta Terminals
  • A better collaboration and communication
  • Policy of continuous improvement is supported
  • Clear KPIs are of great importance
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Creating added value and efficient work is always necessary. How can you make sure your assets and facilities are managed cost consciously? Experience Ultimo, request a demo!