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An impressive turnover, hundreds of thousands of jobs, a gigantic export value; this is the food processing industry that is so important. Stringent quality standards to comply with; efficient work ethics and production culture that have given us a dominant position in the world. And assets and facilities play an important part. Ditto the signals they give us and especially their follow-up. Are you listening to what your assets tell you?

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Get a grip on your assets with extensive maintenance management software.

The food industry cannot afford to rest on its laurels with all these capricious consumers. Not to mention the fierce competition. It’s a matter of staying focussed and alert. And at the same time, are you listening to what your assets are telling you? With a wealth of information you are able to implement improvements in your process control, increasing production efficiency. Structurally recording relevant information helps you meet the requirements of checks and audits for norms and legislation, like HACCP, GMP, and ISO. Because food safety is essential for you as well, isn’t it?

Using Ultimo results in:

  • More supervision on the execution of maintenance work, resulting in less downtime and loss of production.
  • Decisive overview so improvements in process management can be implemented.
  • More possibilities for Smart Maintenance and Internet of Things, thus making maintenance more predictable.

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Kanban: visualise your tasks

Is knowledge retiring in your company?

Shortages in our labour market due to the ageing population require creative solutions led by those responsible for maintenance. Because how do you manage all this valuable know-how of the colleagues that are approaching retirement? It does not bear thinking that all this information will be lost. See vital signs. Take vital action. Do not let this knowledge disappear; embed it in Ultimo.

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Make your work environment safer?

Do you record near-incidents on the shop floor? Are you safety-aware during maintenance work? Do you embed change processes in a structured manner? What is an orderly way to issue work permits? The extensive modules for Safety Management simplify life for an EHS manager or Maintenance manager. All your assets tell their stories. Are you listening? Want to know more?

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Assets and facilities have an important role food sector. Ditto the signals they give us and especially their follow-up. Ultimo enables you to listen to these signals, Request a demo!