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District water boards

Water management is very important to The Netherlands. We invest a lot in water safety. And so should we all. Climate changes require us to remain focussed and alert. Because we, the citizens, want our tax money to be spent well our water boards realise that their infrastructure and processes need to be managed efficiently. See vital signs. Take vital action.

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Understanding of the domain, decomposition and assets.

The complete domain, with water purification and sewage treatment plants, may include many thousands of valuable assets. How do you provide more structure in their management? How do you gather vital information to take important decisions? And how can you increase the lifespan of these valuable assets? Infra Asset Management software by Ultimo enables you to shape professional asset management, in conformity with ISO55000. Inventory risks and make sure you perform work on time so you minimise failures and have your assets render the best results. Do you employ contractors? Then you want to record all contractual obligations clearly and concisely. In an organised and unambiguous way.

Ultimo software means you profit from:

  • Decisive overview, so improvements in process management can be implemented.
  • More possibilities for Smart Maintenance and the Internet of Things making maintenance more predictable.
  • Mobile options, including the app Ultimo Go+, for on-site work.

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Kanban: visualise your tasks

View conditions and costs with Long-Term Asset Planning.

Process control is the art of steering all relevant information flows in the right direction. Meaning your management and your readings have to result in the right predictions and budgeting. So you can eventually improve your management. See vital signs. Take vital action. Repeatedly. How do you, as Asset manager, bridge the gap between Asset Management and Finances? How do you make responsible decisions about investments? This will help you: the Long-Term Asset Planning module. Write a long-term cost estimate for life-extending maintenance, renovation and replacement of assets, based on costs and the state they are in.

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Use the power of the map

A map connects people, wherever they are. When you work with the same map, you view everything the same. Thanks to the understanding maps and geographical analyses give you, you can make a difference. Organisations reveal the power of their data; they make themselves cleverer with the geographical information system (GIS) by Esri, the so-called ArcGIS platform. A default interface is available between Ultimo and Esri.

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Relevant Cases

Rijnland District Water Board
  • Many thousands of assets registered in the software
  • More insight into area and the risks
  • More efficiency on operational level
  • Makes it easier to prove the value of Asset Management
Water board De Dommel
  • Broad use that helps save multiple departments save on costs
  • Lower administrative load with smart interfaces
  • Balance between exploitation and maintenance in the long-term management of assets
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The complete domain, with water purification and sewage treatment plants, may include many thousands of valuable assets. Ultimo enables you to shape professional asset management. Request a demo!