The number 1 flexible EAM Cloud Platform

Suitable for all assets, scalable and easy to use on desktop, tablet and smartphone.

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One EAM platform.

One EAM platform.
Dozens of processes.

You use the number 1 flexible Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) Cloud Platform Ultimo to manage the valuable assets in your organisation and to manage and carry out the corresponding maintenance activities. These may be activities for fixed assets like equipment, machines, bridges, medical equipment and buildings, or moving assets like vehicles. Ultimo is EAM and more: we also provide fully integrated modules in the fields of HSE/EHS, Facility and IT Service Management.

Our software is scalable and available in four versions ranging from ‘Essentials’ to ‘Enterprise’ so you can choose the right support for your needs and budget. Interested in the possibilities?

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The number of customer we help optimise their hands-on tool time, maximise the performance of their assets and guarantee health and safety has now passed the 2000 mark. Be inspired by our customers and use the selector below to find a relevant customer case. You could also choose a description of the applications of Ultimo for your sector or zoom in on specific processes.


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