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Smart Images

In some situations it can be sheer drudgery to go through endless lists of assets and rooms to find the right one. Ultimo allows you to project assets or rooms on your image.


Add intelligence to your images

Smart Images add markings to your images. For instance a picture of a side view of your production line, a floor plan or ground plan of your production hall or a plot plan of your site. You can link the objects or rooms to those markings so you can navigate to an asset to report an event. Meter readings can also be shown on the image. An example is the temperatures of various rooms like offices and cold rooms.

The advantages of Smart Images:

  • Visual representation of your assets or rooms.
  • Quick navigation to assets or rooms.
  • Show information on an image, for example temperatures or meter readings.

Smart Images+

Understand your work permits with a plot plan

Smart Images+ help you visualise all active work permits. For instance on a plot plan of a site, or an aerial photo. Giving you information about activities at a glance. And which activities have the highest risk. This can help you anticipate dangerous situations based on the scheduled work permits.

Prepare Lockout Tagout on a P&ID

It is also possible to use a P&ID as visual support when you write a LOTO plan or a LOTO request. For example, you can add a lock or label to a specific location in a P&ID. After the lock or label has been added, a marker and a possible sequence is shown on the P&ID. This gives a perfect understanding of the security.

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