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Service Request Management

How do you differentiate between managing incidents and service requests (in accordance with ITIL 3)? Service Request Management makes this easy. Examples of service requests are a password reset or a request for workplace support.


Streamline your services

Your IT department can not only receive incident reports but also service requests. Distinguishing between these types of reports immediately brings more structure to your services. At the same time, the software takes into account the agreements made in your Service Level Agreements. It is also possible with the module to generate recurring actions periodically (operations management).

What are the advantages?

  • Insight into the progress and status of requests.
  • improved communication between applicant and processor.
  • Quicker execution because organising your services is easier.

Service Request Management Cases

CM Health insurance fund
  • All facilities products and services available through customer portal
  • Costs, work and knowledge are bundled
  • Uniform working method for all offices
Care Group Noorderboog
  • Facility management, IT and service requests in one system
  • More result-driven understanding
  • Higher availability of IT assets
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