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Goals are set to help your organisation grow. And you want to meet them. So it would be great if you could monitor the status of those goals constantly. Monitor progress, understand the costs and continue to comply with regulations. Great if this Ultimo module combines this information into a clear report.

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Important control information directly available

With this module we provide you with a set of dashboards and reports. And are you missing an important report? Then we can compile it for you with an external reporting tool. You can do this yourself, too. This reporting tool allows you to interpret all the relevant information and present it in reports.

Dashboards and Reports can be used for:

  • Monitoring the planning and progress.
  • Monitoring the execution of activities.
  • Guaranteeing Service Level Agreements.
  • Clarifying costs.
  • Various statistics such as a top 10 of failure causes.


Easily compile operational reports

It is possible for all users to compile list reports in Ultimo in an easy and quick manner. This means that everyone can compile their own operational reports, without requiring in-depth technical know-how. And, you can share these reports as templates, making them available to other users as well. Quick and efficient!

QlikView Business Intelligence Dashboards

Are you using a Business Intelligence tool such as QlikView? This tool can be linked to your Ultimo environment. Several templates have been specially developed for QlikView to use with our software. This provides you with a complete and interactive management overview so you have a clear idea of your organisation’s performance. Naturally, it is also possible to create new dashboards in a Business Intelligence tool, or to change the existing ones.

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