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Contract Management

This module makes managing contracts a piece of cake. Recording all data relating to contracts in Ultimo allows you to anticipate on time. Get a grip on all of your contracts.


Save on unnecessary costs and prevent them

It happens that contracts are tacitly renewed. Even though you may not have wanted this. Or that agreements in a contract are not met by your suppliers. Which saddles you with additional costs. In such cases it would have been great if you had been informed timely so you could have acted at the right time. Depending on the value of the contract, you can save a lot of unnecessary costs. And prevent possible misunderstandings. Contract Management allows you to shape your contract management very easily.

What do you get out of the Contract Management module?

  • Insight into the durations and final cancellation dates so you can end contracts in time.
  • Insight into the agreements with the suppliers.
  • No more mountains of paperwork or other files in difficult to find folders.

Control all contracts and corresponding information

You can register all your contracts/service contracts in Ultimo. Which automatically records a great deal of information. Ranging from the contract description and the contract costs to supplier visits and term of notice. An additional advantage is the ease with which a contract can be linked to Service Level Agreements, assets you manage in Ultimo, activities, periodical maintenance and your stock management.

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